Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Comparative Cognition

Mary C. Olmstead, Queen's University
Valerie A. Kuhlmeier, Queen's University


"Comparative Cognition provides a clear and comprehensive review and an engaging synthesis of the key topics in this rapidly developing field. Like the other classic textbooks on animal cognition this book integrates knowledge of experimental psychology and evolutionary biology, reflecting the roots of this discipline in comparative psychology and ethology. It also contains a number of novel features, with its enhanced emphasis on both evolutionary function and the underlying neural mechanisms. These include feature boxes that describe key concepts in more detail, and researcher profiles that capture the contribution of some of the major figureheads in the field. A particular highlight is the series of questions at the end of each chapter, which encourage students to think more deeply about the issues raised, and to design experiments to test the competing hypotheses."
Dr. Nicola S. Clayton, University of Cambridge

"Each chapter is richly illustrated with examples drawn from both human and animal studies and the weighting of these examples is very much is a reflection of the current state of knowledge in the topic. In addition, each chapter profiles key researchers in the field adding a personal touch and perhaps providing inspiration to aspiring students. Text boxes throughout provide complementary information to the text in the main body and vary in their content ranging from recent discoveries to real-life applications. Pictures, figures, and diagrams are plentiful and help illustrate points being made in the text. Overall, the volume is very easy to read and pleasant to look at. It is perhaps the first textbook that assimilates knowledge from the rapidly developing, cross-disciplinary field of comparative cognition. As such it will be a valuable addition to bookshelf of both undergraduates and lecturers."
Dr. Culum Brown, Macquarie University
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